Dongyang Changsong Magnetic Material(Group)Stock Co.,Ltd. located in six Shichang Song Gang planning Industrial Park (Dongyang City Economic Development Zone), north of Ningbo-Jinhua Expressway, south east various provincial highway, within less than kilometers. Zhu Yong highway construction, close at hand, the transportation is very convenient. The company expanded in 2002, the jurisdiction Xingda Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd., Changsong Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. and take off magnetic components factory and the Great Wall Building Materials Co., Ltd. is one of the the Dongyang earliest magnet factory. The company covers an area of nearly 50,000 square meters, with a million square meters of construction area. So far, has been prepared from raw materials to product manufacture a complete line of industrial production and a rare earth permanent magnet cutting lines, thousands of tons of annual production capacity of sintered permanent ferrite. Currently, the company's products are mainly a series of circular, square piece, round tablets. In order to meet the various industries of the national economy and especially the growing needs of permanent ferrite magnetic materials, high-performance products and other products, is working to develop. At the same time, we can produce special models and meet the needs of different users, specifications, size and special requirements of permanent ferrite components. We have always pursued: Shou credibility of the contract. Integrity management, and made many users. Welcome to come, call or letter contact.

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address: Dongyang six stone street Songgang functional area Hu Lian East Street 1207

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